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In September 2016 the 26th edition of Danish Dairy & Food Industry was published. This years topic is: Revitalizing Dairy: Customized Products - Green Technology. 

The magazine in 2016
In September 2016, we published the 26th issue of “Danish Dairy & Food Industry …worldwide”. The topic of this edition is Revitalizing Dairy: Customized Products - Green Technology Processing. Hygiene - Analysis - Ingredients - Packaging - Transportation

Danish Dairy & Food Industry 2016 includes editorials with various perspectives on how to contribute with innovative sustainable ideas to handle the scenario of consumers request for customized dairy products.
However, it is not possible to produce well-known and new improved dairy products if the supplier sector cannot deliver the necessary and constantly energy up-dated green process equipment, automatization, natural as well as organic ingredients, the greenest packaging, and highly efficient hygiene- and analysis concepts. Thus, the magazine includes editorials from a large number of companies presenting their impressive commitment always to be in front when it comes to inventing new features allowing global dairies to produce innovative foods for the world market. 
Excellences in the dairy sector are only possible when based on highly and well-educated students and staffs, and Denmark ranks high within both dairy education and research. Thus, the magazine includes editorials about these topics too.  

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